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Get to a comprehensive view of exactly what happened and who was involved. With our digital forensics expertise, AccessData gives you the tools to help you analyze computers, mobile devices and network communications. When you know more, you can do more.

Collection & Analysis

Want to handle even the most massive collection requirements with less cost and fewer resources? Need to mitigate risk or ensure compliance? AccessData’s targeted, forensically sound collection, preservation, hold, processing and data assessment tools lower costs and reduce risks.


Find information risks across enterprise endpoints and destroy them with powerful, proven enterprise search, forensic collection and analysis to locate data and assess compliance. Stop risk in its tracks with remediation that gives you the ability to delete offending files, kill processes and stop non-compliant activities across endpoints.


Public Sector

If you need to locate, acquire and analyze evidence faster from a multitude of digital devices in both criminal and civil investigations, AccessData can help your teams bring criminals to justice.

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Ensure your investigations are being handled efficiently and effectively to reduce cost and protect your data, no matter what type of digital investigation you’re conducting, from compliance to litigation.


Law Firm

Improve how you manage your e-discovery process so you can better serve clients and reduce billable hours. Our tools can help you streamline the data you’re reviewing to only the most critical information, helping reduce costs.

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The global forensics market faces unique challenges in digital forensic processes, technologies and operations. When combined with rising cyber-crime cases, you need proven forensic tools to gather and examine evidence.



分享几枚 ss 分享站 (长期更新) | 希望zz:2021-3-14 · 老司机都懂,需要免费的赶紧上车 众下排序无关推荐性 freessr.xyz 大部分账号不定期更新,有二维码 vpsss.pw 基本不换密码,目前只有加拿大节点可用了 kya.cc 最多分享账号的集散地,能检测账号有效性 shadowsocks8 4 小时更新一次密码, 有二维码 ...
Forensic Toolkit (FTK)®
Large-Scale Investigation and Processing
AD Lab
End-to-End eDiscovery
AD eDiscovery®
Network Investigation and Post-Breach Analysis
AD Enterprise
Blazing-fast, desktop legal review with the power of SaaS
Deeper Insights from Dynamic Investigations
MPE+® and nFIELD™
Mobile Collection
On-scene Computer Collection
A 360° Perspective




Read on for the latest and greatest about AccessData people, products, innovations and events.
搭建梯子 – 聚析的博客:2021-3-22 · 如果你只想要上外网而不指定要搭建ssr的话,推荐你一种最简单的搭建方法:如何搭梯子科学上网?,如果你一定要搭建ssr的话请接着往下看。(需要准备一个163邮箱) 第一步:注册并部署 […]

As the coronavirus continues to spread, the possibility for more disruption of day-to-day operations grows. For those who have migrated...

New Versions of AccessData’s FTK® and AD Lab Deliver Expanded and Enhanced Internet and Mobile Analysis

AccessData announced the release of FTK® and AD Lab 7.3, new versions of the company’s digital forensics software solutions that...

New Version of AccessData’s AD Enterprise Expands Remote Data Collection Capabilities from Mac Operating Systems

AccessData announced the release of AD Enterprise 7.3, a new version of its software for managing internal forensic investigations and...

AccessData Launches AD QBlaze™, New Platform for Simplified Legal Review and Processing

AccessData announced the launch of AD QBlaze™, a fast and flexible legal review tool that delivers the speed of a...

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